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Software for warehouse and logistics management

Mexal is a sophisticated warehouse management software that integrates a wide range of functionalities for the management and control of corporate logistics processes. Warehouse management works in symbiosis with other components of the company’s software, such as accounting, production, balance sheets, purchasing and sales, allowing for effective centralized management of business processes. In one software, companies can fully monitor and manage the movement of goods, raw materials and semi-finished products, from quotation to order to billing.

Mexal is able to manage numerous warehouses and multiple levels of locations, offering users a wide inventory of items, suppliers, customers, agents and carriers. In addition, the software provides a series of reports for real-time control of the availability of goods, statistics on movements and order history.

To complete the basic functionalities of the warehouse management, there are the potentialities offered by the mobile WMS and the applications for the inventory. In addition, the software offers interactive warehouse management with 3D visualization of shelves, further improving operational efficiency.

Software features

The management of the warehouse

The management of warehouse items facilitates swift data input and retrieval of item specifics. The item master contains vital information, including stock levels, location, purchase costs, quantities, replenishment times, and sales prices, enabling a high level of automation.

Barcode management

The incorporation of barcodes into warehouse management streamlines the swift control of quantities and stocks. Barcode management not only simplifies inventory processes but also facilitates the acquisition and shipping of products. With Mexal and its mobile extensions, you can efficiently scan and manage barcodes, RFID, and NFC using devices like smartphones and optical readers.

Reports and analysis of warehouse

The management system provides an extensive array of warehouse reports, encompassing data related to items, progressions, lots, as well as sales and purchase documents. These reports cover a spectrum of information, from inventory details and goods availability to movement statistics and order history.

Management of Locations and Attributes

Mexal is a crucial ally in establishing a comprehensive system for monitoring and controlling warehouse operations. The location management feature offers a comprehensive record containing detailed physical characteristics and multi-level positioning data, enabling the efficient management of various areas, including stock, picking, loading, and unloading. Moreover, it allows for the placement of different items within the same location or a single item in multiple locations, ensuring precise oversight of physical attributes throughout location utilization.

Inventories and storage operations

Mexal provides a warehouse management system featuring both an inventory application and an integrated mobile WMS. The inventory application allows for the creation of item counting worklists, capturing quantities within cells, and presenting discrepancies for streamlined inventory adjustments. Meanwhile, the mobile WMS offers advanced functionalities to effectively manage warehouse goods movements.

Warehouse visualization in 3D

Mexal provides cutting-edge logistics management, featuring a 3D visualization of the warehouse. This software generates a three-dimensional representation of the shelves based on the configuration, enabling users to search for and relocate items directly within the 3D model, thereby streamlining warehouse operations.

Batch management and traceability

Batch management is indispensable in the food industry, enabling batch traceability by providing vital information about their origin and expiration dates. The management software also offers dedicated reports for tracking the availability and traceability of batches, just as it does for other functionalities.

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