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Terminals designed to maximize operational efficiency on the go

Instruments that are lightweight, compact, and high-performance, ideal for intensive and continuous use. Thanks to their ergonomic and durable design, they ensure maximum efficiency, speeding up operations in hospitality, retail, and industry.”

Mobile Computer

Handheld devices with a robust structure that ensures maximum resistance and security in data collection, specially designed to meet the needs of logistics and industry in dynamic environments, including outdoor and large settings.

Full touch handhelds

Touch screen terminals with RFID technology and barcode reader, featuring an intuitive interface to ensure high performance in mobile operations. Lightweight and ergonomic, they ensure efficiency and precision.

Full touch hospitality edition handhelds

Designed for the catering industry, the use of these products reduces time and optimizes organization in production centers. The full-touch terminals ensure excellent battery life, thereby facilitating the typical activities of the hospitality sector.




Improved operational efficiency
Reduced risks of manual errors
Cost reduction
Information collection in real time
Real-time data analytics

enterprises – industry – services

restaurants – bar – gelaterias

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