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What is a WMS, and why is it important for warehouse processes?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is specialized software designed to efficiently manage and oversee all warehouse operations, including inventory tracking, item organization, and task scheduling. It serves as a central hub to automate and optimize critical processes. In warehouses located far from the headquarters, an effective WMS provides a mobile interface for professional devices equipped with NFC scanners or barcode readers. Eliminating inaccuracies and human errors in the recording of goods and materials entering and leaving the warehouse is crucial to adopting the optimal retrieval strategy.

Advantages of using a WMS

Greater accuracy and error reduction
Increasing operational efficiency
Inventory traceability and visibility
Reporting and analysis

Process optimization

Error reduction

With barcode scanning and other advanced technologies, a WMS allows you to accurately record information about inventory, item locations, and inventory movements, reducing the risk of human error.

More efficiency

A WMS allows you to manage warehouse activities more intelligently, optimizing the flow of operations. This applies to the planning of receiving tasks, managing item locations, scheduling withdrawals and orders.


With a WMS, you can monitor stocks in real time, know the location of items in the warehouse, and view availability levels. Traceability of stocks avoids situations where products run out suddenly or are overestimated.


A WMS also offers powerful reporting and analysis capabilities that allow you to gain an in-depth view of warehouse operations. You can generate custom reports on different aspects, such as space usage, inventory rotation, waiting times, and more.



MEXAL WMS is ideal for mobile use in warehouses, simplifying operations such as goods acceptance, inventory, picking and order management. Data from mobile devices are always synchronized with the enterprise system, providing real-time information on inventory status or for advanced analytics with the business intelligence module.

With Mexal WMS, replace paper management with an Android app compatible with warehouse control devices, including industrial scanners (rugged devices). Automate and simplify warehouse operations by reading barcodes, RFID, and NFC, as well as tracking and label printing functions. It also includes advanced features for production progress, batch management, returns, time declaration, and variant management.

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