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Smart Online B2B Sales Management

The B2B platform of Fieldforce offers the advantage of directly acquiring orders from the e-commerce portals of its customers, leading to improved sales management and reduced supply times.


Direct Order Acquisition
Customers can place orders directly through the e-commerce portal, streamlining the purchase process and reducing communication errors.
Enhanced Sales Management
Our platform enables real-time sales tracking, providing comprehensive data to monitor performance and make informed decisions.
Reduced Supply Times
Direct order capture enables faster response to customer needs, accelerating procurement and minimizing delays.
Operational efficiency
With a more direct order management process, operational efficiency increases, saving time and resources.


A single platform for connecting all your E-commerce systems

Elevate your online business with the connections you need to achieve maximum control. Maximize efficiency, synchronize inventory, streamline processes, and create a flawless shopping experience for your customers


Optimizing operational efficiency and processes
Real-time inventory synchronization
Improving sales and reducing costs
Improvement of the Customer Experience
Real-time data reporting and analysis with updates
Scalability, Compliance, and Security


E-commerce Platform and Management
A seamless integration with the CMS, marketplaces, and other online sales platforms
E-commerce Platform
To manage and connect with leading e-commerce platforms, including both open source and SaaS options
Marketplace integration
For sellers who want to significantly expand their product listings across all marketplaces
Logistics and Shipments
Integration for managing orders and shipments from both company warehouses and external logistics services
For automating sales, logistics, and shipping processes in dropshipping

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