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MEXAL's MES for Smart Factories

The Mexal production module integrates all the functions for smart Manifacturing typical of a MES, including those necessary for data exchange with connected machinery, at the base of Industry 4.0 projects. Dedicated to smart factories that want to innovate their production processes, Mexal is a highly versatile and scalable Industry 4.0 software.

How does Mexal's MES

Machine management

With the Mexal MES, maintainers, operators and production managers can supervise the machine fleet, managing the resources allocated to the single machine and monitoring the health of the production department thanks to state indicators, alarms and production counters.

Data history

The software allows to historicize the data collected directly from the production department, through the sensors of the machines and the information entered by the operators. In this way the data becomes a strategic information for the enterprise.

User management

Every operator needs the information that allows him to operate within the limits of his duties and competences. With the Mexal mini MES, you can manage all the user levels you want, such as administrator, production manager or machine operator.

Order management

Order management is a crucial element of job planning. Thanks to the structure consisting of customer orders, production orders and phase orders, it organizes and manages all the information flow, from the customer’s requests, to the individual processing of the machinery or operator, having full real-time awareness of production-related information.

Communication with ERP

The integration and digitization of processes also involves the exchange of information between systems. The mini MES of Mexal is natively integrated in the management system and allows to standardize the flow of information and the encoding of data.

Organization of production

The production is managed through the configuration of articles, bills of materials and cycles, configuring the outputs that must be realized, whether it is raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products. A correct organization of the information and an easy tool to manage them, allow to digitize the information and to standardize the information flow between all the business units.


The statistics screen allows you to analyze production history data through dashboards that show clear and intuitive information about your production.

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