With Beauty, you will only be concerned
with the well-being of your customers

Improve the management of your beauty center

Beauty is management software designed for beauty centers and spas, particularly suitable for all businesses involved in beauty and personal well-being. More than just simple management, Beauty is an essential tool for organized and precise management of your spa or salon. It goes beyond just handling reservations and resources; it provides real and practical support for all daily activities, including those related to online presence.
Our management system for beauty centers enables you to establish an online booking system for spa appointments. Clients can easily book their desired treatments directly from the hotel’s website, choosing the preferred date and time based on availability. Beauty also caters to the needs of hair salons and hairdressers with features dedicated to color charts and client profiles.


Total control of activities and resources
Timely verification of costs
Extremely easy to use
Complete for all your needs

Who is it for

Beauty parlors
Wellness centres and spas
Thermal baths

Main features

Comprehensive for Beauty Businesses

Beauty provides all the tools necessary for managing beauty centers, spas and beauty parlors. No matter what your business is, you'll finally have the time to focus on your customers.

Appointment Organization

Thanks to the graphical planner and the agenda, you can schedule appointments and manage staff commitments. This helps minimize scheduling errors.

Business Management

Beauty enables you to effectively manage your business by monitoring cost and revenue trends. Additionally, it keeps your inventory up-to-date based on product consumption.


Activity management



restaurants – bar – gelaterias

hotels – chains – b&b

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