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Brand and Clients always connected

Faster is the retail software for unified commerce designed to face the challenges of an increasingly global and hyper-connected market. Faster ensures full control of the operative performance and supports your strategic choices.

Our retail platform for unified commerce allows you to meet all your clients’ expectations, to reduce the chance of abandoned carts, and to maximize the store turnout and average spending. You will always be consistent with your strategy on all your touchpoints, and you can easily and quickly read the KPIs.


Maximum integration

With its technology, Faster easily interfaces with any ERP.

Unified Shopping ExperienceUnified Shopping Experience

Analyze and manage your customers’ shopping journey by offering a unique experience across all your sales channels.

Business Intelligence

You and your team can access KPIs and predictive data, even from mobile devices, which are useful for analyzing and reviewing your business.

Retail Management

Manage headquarters processes and oversee 360% of global point-of-sale operations in line with your business strategy.

Who is it for

Duty free

Front End e Back End Management

Front End


Through targeted marketing, Faster enhances customer understanding and tailors offerings. It simplifies customer management through loyalty cards and connects various systems to engage with customers.

Point of sale

Faster extends beyond point-of-sale management, offering a ticketing system for monitoring and analyzing technical services. It ensures store efficiency and prompt management of critical issues.

Order Management System

Gather comprehensive product and sales data from all channels. Customize offers and streamline return management, ensuring impeccable service.

Buying Mode

Faster is flexible and provides valuable insights into customer behaviors, adapting sales strategies and increasing online conversions. It simplifies the tasks of shop assistants with continuously updated information, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

Back End


With integrated analytics and reporting tools within Faster, you gain real-time and mobile control over all cash transactions, eliminating the need for expensive business intelligence software. Faster also monitors sales from agents or affiliates by generating customizable reports. In the HR department, Faster enables you to monitor the performance and attendance of each individual salesperson.


Faster displays stock levels, replenishment, and allocations for each store, including the management of product transfers between stores.


Faster stores, integrates, and updates customer information from every brand touchpoint, providing timely reports for marketing and customer care. With the integrated promotion monitor in Faster, you can conduct targeted and personalized campaigns. In the omnichannel environment, all sales and customer data contribute to precise analysis, enhancing the shopping experience and customer care service. Additionally, there is direct access to the Brand Customer Portal to report any issues or concerns.

Business Control

Gather information from all sources and track sales and customer interactions with the brand. Support financial, business, and marketing decisions with up-to-date data.

Unified Commerce

With the advent of digital transformation, in-store and online experiences are increasingly merging, and customers expect brands to keep pace with this change. Faster is a cloud-based, mobile-integrated unified commerce retail software that empowers you to elevate your customer experience. Faster seamlessly integrates the physical store into a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, allowing you to foster deeper connections with customers through a frictionless customer journey.

With Faster, you can centralize all your touchpoints’ data into a single SSOT (Single Source of Truth) repository. Leveraging its native functionalities, Faster excels in the omnichannel arena, effortlessly governing processes and business strategies to align with customer queries and behaviors.

With Faster, you can fully orchestrate your digital strategy!

The platform empowers you to seamlessly oversee your online sales channels in an integrated and efficient manner, thereby maximizing the positive impact of digital presence on your brand. It accomplishes this by optimizing conversion rates and enhancing your visibility on search engines.

Growing your online business is an imperative that no retailer can afford to overlook, all while prioritizing the shopping experience for customers. Faster serves as the comprehensive ecommerce platform for unified commerce, encompassing all the essential features to manage your B2C, B2B, and online marketplace channels. It also transforms data from various sales channels into valuable insights for marketing, promotions, and pricing strategies.

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Faster Retail - Management software for stores and chains


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