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Software for home delivery and takeaway

Menu Delivery is Passepartout’s fast and efficient solution designed for all foodservice businesses seeking software exclusively for managing home delivery and takeaway orders. With Menu Delivery, local customers can conveniently place orders via the app or a web browser and make secure online payments. All order data is automatically recorded in the checkout software.

Thanks to the advanced features within the management system, you can also utilize monitors to communicate orders and their priority to kitchen staff, as well as displays in the dining area or at the counter to inform customers about their position in the queue during takeaway services. The product is further enriched by its reporting and customer relationship management functions.


Timely takeout and deliveries
Find new customers and discover their habits
Manage monitors to communicate with staff and customers
Secure electronic payments with 3D Secure
Timely takeout and deliveries
Find new customers and discover their habits

Who is it for

Bar and kiosk
Sushi bars

Main features

Booking App

With Menu Delivery, you can provide your customers with an app for online orders, whether for takeaway or home delivery.

Integrated and Secure

Menu Delivery offers an integrated interface with touch-screen monitors, self-service booking kiosks, and the most secure electronic payment methods.

Designed for Food Delivery

Menu Delivery is designed with a focus on food delivery activities, offering only the necessary functionalities for this purpose.

Features for Restaurants

Takeaway and delivery management

Analysis and Control

Connected services

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