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Revenue Management tools integrated into the Welcome suite

Within Welcome, Passepartout’s hotel program offers a wide range of revenue management support tools designed to help you optimize your pricing strategies. Our integrated reporting system allows you to conduct detailed forecasting and comparative analyses using historical data, taking into account factors such as nationality, booking window, sales channel, market segment, and more. The software calculates multiple indicators on a daily basis and stores them for easy access at any time.
Data is presented through dynamic and highly intuitive customizable dashboards and graphs, providing insights into occupancy, bookings, and revenue trends.

With Welcome, revenue management
becomes simple and effective thanks to the tools that allow you to set it up

Rates and Pricing

Including management of special rates and automatic booking rules with specified time validity.

Control and Analysis

Involving revenue analysis based on various factors and year-to-year room sales comparisons.

Printing and Reporting

Providing comprehensive details on all aspects of revenue management, including the economic value of each room.

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