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Sell rooms on more than 80 Online OTAs through a single portal using the Welcome Channel Manager

Welcome’s Channel Manager enables you to effortlessly publish availability, strategies, and prices on major online booking portals with just a few clicks, thanks to its automatic synchronization with the management system. You can conveniently configure booking conditions and restrictions directly within the program, where incoming reservations are also recorded. This ensures significant time savings and eliminates errors that may arise from data and information transcription

With Welcome's Channel Manager,
managing portals is simple thanks to the integrated tools that allow you to:

Avoid Overbooking Risks

An effective channel manager synchronizes bookings in real-time, preventing double bookings and ensuring accurate occupancy management.

Automate Tasks

Welcome's channel manager centralizes all bookings from various portals and the booking engine. This streamlines the transfer of guest information to the management system and ensures efficient room allocation.

Optimize Room Sales

Welcome's integrated revenue tools enable you to price your rooms competitively. With portal management, you can also adjust prices based on market demand and competition.

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