The flexible software to manage
logistics, accounting, and production

The flexible software to manage logistics, accounting, and production

Mexal is a powerful software, complete and improved to manage the warehouse’s logistics and the accounting, with dedicated features to control the production. With over 22.000 installations live in Italy, it is the best software for those who are looking for a simple, reliable, and intuitive product, to manage the main company procedures.

The software is fully customizable following the requirements of the sector where the company operates, but also based on the needs of the different company departments. Every venue or office can have its own terminal (iDesk) with dedicated functions.

Who is it for

Agri-food industry
Medical industry
Service companies
Mechanical industry
Pharmaceutical companies
Construction company
Small/Medium-sized distribution


Reliable and comprehensive
Continuously updated
Available in the cloud and on-premises
Usable on mobile devices as well
Different terminals for each company department
Integrated e-commerce website and data analysis

One management system for
various needs


It includes all the necessary functionalities for warehouse management and can update the book entry.


It includes all the functions for general accounting management and for generating the income statement and the supplementary note.


It includes all accounting, tax, and management functions, including inventory, namely, all the functions of iDesk Accounting and Solution.


Dedicated to the execution of all activities related to production processes without having accounting-tax functions available.


It includes all accounting and management functionalities, as well as those specific to manufacturing companies


Warehouse management
Warehouse management
Industry 4.0 Software
Document management
Management control
Email services
Administration and control
Accounting management
Data analysis
Business intelligence
Corporate reporting
Automatic personal data import
Electronic invoicing and NSO orders
Connection with the accountant
Bank reconciliation
Business crisis
Sales and Services
Order collection app
Attempted sale
Point of sale and electronic receipt
Home delivery management
E-commerce website

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