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Passcom Express stands out as the most straightforward, efficient, and budget-friendly software solution for smaller or newer studios. It shares functionality and cloud infrastructure with its larger counterpart, Passcom. With Passcom Express, every professional can rely on a strong ally to manage customer companies’ accounting, tax obligations, declarations, and financial statement preparation. The program also tracks activities to streamline the billing process.


Collaborative management streamlines data entry and enhances document collection efficiency.
Swift and effective parceling is achieved through robust management control.
Our system includes features for tax compliance, income management, and document organization.
Cloud-based security ensures a safe environment, with regular updates.
Enjoy instantaneous email communication and responsive chat support.
Additionally, benefit from an integrated e-invoicing service for seamless customer transactions.

Who is it for

Young accountants
Tax consultants
Studies of small scale

Main features


The management software streamlines accounting records with preconfigured transaction types, including installment and payment management. It facilitates the entry of fixed assets, multi-year expenses, and maintenance associated with the asset register. It provides two customizable account plans tailored for both young accountants and businesses, which receive regular updates. The software includes pre-populated and customizable tables for accounting categories, VAT exemptions, and more. It handles various tax regimes, including the ordinary, simplified, and cash-based VAT systems. Additionally, it offers features for multi-activity management and deferred VAT accounting.


Our management solution covers declarations for diverse taxpayer categories, such as UNICO Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, Non-Commercial Entities, Model 730, 770, Consolidated National, and Worldwide. It facilitates the creation and electronic submission of annual VAT declarations and communications. The system offers preconfigured tables for IMU and TASI assessments on land and properties, which can be personalized. Built on a Cloud Computing infrastructure, the software ensures regular updates and enables real-time monitoring of revenues during the ongoing fiscal year, facilitating immediate corrections and print processing incomes.

Accountant's Management

Passcom Express streamlines the issuance, review, and printing of documents for parceling. Real-time updates to managed archives are linked to the issuance or revision of documents, covering the work agenda, notule schedule, First Note, and accounting schedule, ensuring up-to-date account balances. The program's work agenda serves as an activity log within the study, enabling the management and modification of services provided. These services can be used to create contracts, which can then be converted into invoices. Documents generated through Passcom Express are automatically categorized, and scanned paper documents can be attached to operations, reducing the need for paper document storage.

Tax Obligations

Our software seamlessly automates the creation of proxy files by extracting data from accounting or tax returns. It can efficiently calculate tax installments upon request and handle both short and long repentance, seamlessly incorporating them into the F24 delegations. Passcom Express streamlines the processing and electronic submission of multipurpose communication models for transactions with economic operators enjoying privileged tax regimes (such as spesometro, blacklist, purchases from San Marino, etc.) and INTRA EU models, while enabling the automatic import of essential data. Additionally, it provides interactive printouts for balance sheets and books, with the option for direct export in MS-Word and MS-Excel formats.

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